Ben Baptie – A complete music studio design & fit-out

“I don’t just admire your work, I am completely in awe of it!”.

Ben baptie

Project Details

Client: Ben Baptie

Location: Studio 5 (Pony Studios), Hackney, London

Year: 2020

Concept: Complete studio design and build, from acoustic treatment to interior design

Ben Baptie in his new recording study


World-renowned record producer and mix engineer, Ben Baptie, is responsible for numerous critically acclaimed records from the likes of Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson and The Strokes to name a few, so when he approached us with a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve with his new studio, we were more than happy to accept the challenge.

With a career that was cultivated in New York’s Electric Lady Studios and a stellar back catalogue spanning decades, Ben needed his own creative space that would allow him to maintain his intense nineteen-hour a day work schedule, whilst providing him with essential home comforts, as well as a home for his new Neve® Genesys console.

The brief was very much in-line with the modern-day requirements of studios, as more music professionals are seeking personalised recording spaces to allow them to work at their best, without the restrictions that rented spaces sometimes present.

Sound Zero’s Involvement

We had complete creative control over the whole recording space, allowing us to deliver an end-result that tied in nicely with Ben’s overarching aims. 

Acoustic treatment

On the ceiling, we designed unique cloud diffusers that were fitted with Wi-Fi-enabled smart lighting. A black walnut surround with illuminated opal cutouts helped deliver an added Art Deco, high end New York lobby feel.

Wall baffles and panelling were kept clean, neutral and intentionally subtle as to capitalise on the space’s natural light.

In the recording booth, we designed a solid Walnut Quadratic Acoustic Diffuser which served the purpose of dampening just enough sound, without removing all sense of environment completely.

Cloud diffusers fitted with Wi-Fi-enabled smart lighting | black walnut
Solid Walnut Quadratic Acoustic Diffuser

Interior Design

Studio 5 is blessed with an abundance of light thanks to the space’s large windows throughout. To complement this, we opted for clean styling and resilient carpentry to ensure every surface felt high end and complimentary to the astonishing collection of vintage recording equipment.

Black walnut detailing added that layer of depth and warmth, which contrasted perfectly with the room’s brighter, cleaner tones.

As this space was to be used as a ‘home-away-from-home,’ we needed to design a solution that helped to foster creativity, providing a healthy amount of natural light and ventilation, with comfort that you might get at home.

Cabinets with black walnut detailing

Workspace Design Placement

As music production professionals ourselves, we worked closely alongside Ben to design a layout that was ergonomic and practical. This meant quizzing him throughout, learning about his workflow, what equipment he uses mostly, what new equipment he was purchasing from our brand partner Funky Junk, whether he stands or sits most of the time, etc.

This enabled us to create a space that was unique to Ben himself, giving him easy access to essential equipment so that his creativity isn’t jarred in any way.

Of course, this is unique to the individual – but is something that is so easily overlooked during a full studio design such as this.

Ben Baptie recording music

The Results

There was little room for error since Baptie was due to be recording an artist on the very same day of completion.

Thankfully, all expectations weren’t just realised but exceeded, with Ben quoting,

“I’m not amazed by what you do; I’m in awe of it.”

Ben Baptie

High praise coming from a man of that calibre.

Since completing the project, we have been in regular contact with Ben, who has been hugely complementary towards the work that we’ve done for him. We’re sure that Ben’s new space will allow him to continue to pump out records to the amazing standard by which we’ve all become accustomed to. 

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Road testing a new studio designed and built by Sound Zero
Studio Design by Sound Zero
Ceiling clouds by Sound Zero
Fabric Wall studio acoustics by Sound Zero

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