Amplifying live music experiences: Sound Zero’s bespoke acoustic solutions at Signature Brew

Signature Brew crowd enjoying the music thanks to Sound Zero's bespoke acoustic solution

Sound Zero was approached to devise a bespoke acoustic solution for Signature Brew, a unique space that functions as both an award-winning brewery and a music venue. The challenge was to enhance the intelligibility of speech and live music without compromising the functionality of the space.

DJ at Signature Brew, a brewery and music venue

A unique problem in need of a bespoke acoustic solution

Signature Brew has ingeniously transformed its primary brewery space in Blackhorse Road, London, into a part-time music venue that opens during the evenings and weekends. The space is used for live bands, DJs, comedy nights, and even sporting events while also serving as a fully functional brewery during the day. However, acoustic considerations were absent in the original design due to its industrial nature and the need for all hard, easy-clean surfaces for hygienic reasons. This meant the venue faced significant challenges regarding sound clarity and quality.

Our brief was to design a bespoke acoustic solution tailored to Signature Brew’s needs that would not only improve the acoustic performance of the space but also minimise the need for excessive sound levels inside due to unclear sound reproduction. 

Sound Zero's installation team with a bespoke Ceiling Grid at Signature Brew

Sound Zero brews up the perfect bespoke acoustic solution

Upon assessing the layout and uses of the space, we concluded that the best location for acoustic treatment would be the ceiling, with the upper part of the sidewalls for secondary acoustic treatment. Installing the bespoke acoustic solutions in these areas would ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and minimal disturbance to the venue’s patrons during events.

The ceiling featured a standard warehouse design with a corrugated steel roof at 8 metres high and a steel supporting structure, allowing us to use easy-to-install fixings for our acoustic treatment solution.

View from above of the Sound Zero install team hoisting a Ceiling Grid at Signature Brew

For the design, we took inspiration from the Royal Albert Hall and created a unique grid baffle design we termed “UFOs” with a wingspan of 2.8 metres! 

Grid baffle systems work by scattering the sound reflected off them, reducing the overall reverberation time in the room. We opted to use a recycled plastic material (Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET) to manufacture the grid panels, delivering the most efficient choice, considering the size of the venue and the challenge of installing at height. 

Given their large and flat surfaces, the back and sidewalls were identified as ideal areas for absorption treatment at a height that was out of reach to the lively patrons. In addition, we aimed to achieve low-end control in the space to enhance drum and bass definition, so we treated it with our specially selected heavy-duty Class 0 foam. The final touch was our custom-made, AuralArt graphic wall design with a Class 0 foam core. 

The AuralArt Graphic Wall with Signature Brew branding, installed by the Sound Zero team

Sound Zero hits all the right notes

The acoustic transformation of Signature Brew by Sound Zero dramatically improved the space’s sound quality and clarity. By implementing a bespoke acoustic solution—a combination of grid baffle systems and Class 0 absorption treatment—we significantly enhanced speech and music intelligibility in the venue. The innovative solution ensured that the space could continue functioning as both a state-of-the-art brewery and a music venue without compromising the acoustic performance.

Moreover, the acoustic treatment reduced the need for excessive sound levels inside the venue, allowing for a more enjoyable experience for patrons and minimising the risk of hearing damage and noise complaints from neighbouring properties.

The crowd enjoying sonic bliss thanks to Sound Zero's bespoke acoustic solution

In conclusion, Sound Zero’s bespoke acoustic solution for Signature Brew demonstrates our ability to adapt to unique and challenging spaces, ensuring optimal sound quality and clarity. By understanding the client’s specific requirements and designing a solution that addresses the space’s unique layout and usage, we create functional and enjoyable acoustic environments for patrons.

A DJ and crowd at Signature Brew enjoying the music thanks to Sound Zero's acoustic treatment seen above and at the back

If you face similar acoustic challenges in your multipurpose venue, contact Sound Zero’s expert team to discuss how our innovative solutions can transform your space.

Detail of the hanging system used by Sound Zero at Signature Brew for the bespoke acoustic solution

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