Can poor architectural acoustics affect productivity?

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So, we know that working in a dark and dingy office environment is no good for anybody. But have you ever stopped to consider the negative impact of poor architectural acoustics on productivity in open plan office environments?

We spend almost a third of our lives at work, and with 67% of workers admitting noise impacts their ability to accurately complete their work, it is more important than ever that offices should be somewhere for headspace. Work should be an environment that we can physically enjoy and feel at ease in, which should be a high priority for employers.

The flaws of open plan for architectural acoustics.

Over half of British workplaces now have an open plan layout that gives employees an opportunity to boost teamwork, flexibility and communication. Conversely, however, this results in unacceptable noise levels and a lack of speech privacy. People can’t concentrate or discuss confidential affairs. Even in a quieter office without the ring of phones and chatty co-workers, background noises from mechanical and technical components of the building can contribute to noise pollution and distraction.

Sound Zero The top misconceptions with architectural acoustics

We know it can feel difficult to resolve office noise distraction and enhance focused work whilst maintaining a collaborative and creative environment. In this instance it is important to consider options and bespoke designs to focus on absorbing, blocking and covering sound throughout the open plan office environment. 

Poor acoustic design such as background conversations and the bustling hubbub of a busy office not only has a negative impact on productivity, but on the actual wellbeing of employee’s.

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How do architectural acoustics directly affect employee’s wellbeing?

Shockingly, 58% of people say noise has a high impact on their stress levels in the work place. Increased stress is proven to have dangerous side effects, leading employees to become vulnerable to high blood pressure, headaches, digestive disorders, ulcers and hypertension. 

Not only is stress increased, but the actual morale of employees is proven to be drained due to external noise pollution, a huge contributor to poor productivity at work. People who regularly visit noisy places generally have an increased level of stress hormones, and being unable to get the work done during office hours, that same stress gets taken home with you. Whilst work life can be stimulating and often intense, this should not equate to real life debilitating problems both in and outside of work. Office acoustics can effectively treat sound and ensure not only maximum productivity, but all round employee well-being.

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Offices are not a one size fits all approach, and they are not simply a place to work. Your office space should be a hub for talented people to collaborate and innovate, with the choice for more acoustically sound areas amongst the open plan space. For example, look to our acoustic design for Modus, creating an effective acoustic barrier between quiet work and conference rooms and the busy open plan office outside.

Are you ready to make your office space a haven of productivity by taking control of its acoustics?  

Sound Zero offers a comprehensive range of soundproofing and acoustic solutions for offices and providing complete noise control solutions for any environment. 

Our team of acoustic consultants is available to discuss your architectural acoustics needs to ensure you select the right acoustic treatment for the space you are working on. We have a range of products that can be completely customised to your colour, size, fabric, and other product requests.

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