Are acoustic moss wall panels easy to maintain?

Moss walls are easy to maintain

Due to their lush appearance, you may be forgiven for thinking that moss walls require some form of maintenance in order to stop the bright colours from fading and the greenery from falling to the ground. However, what makes moss walls such an attractive acoustic solution is that they require little to no maintenance.

How are acoustic moss walls maintenance free?

The moss that we use for our acoustic moss walls has been preserved. Technically, the moss isn’t alive, so the preservation process ensures that the moss maintains is healthy, green appearance.

The preservation process involves a careful treatment that is meant to conserve its original state.

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Does the moss wall need to be watered?

Again, due to its preservation process, the moss used in our moss walls is not technically alive, meaning there is no need to water it, making it the ideal solution for busy environments who want to achieve a natural ambience, without the hassle of having to keep it alive.

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Can I expose the moss wall to direct sunlight?

Our acoustic moss walls are highly resistant to direct sunlight. However, overexposure may cause a slight fade over time. If you’re specifying our moss walls within the UK, you won’t need to worry too much about overexposure to sunlight. We don’t get much as it is!

If your space is surrounded by glass panelling, it’s highly unlikely that your moss wall will be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the whole day.

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How long do moss walls last?

Moss walls are designed and preserved for long-term use. Clients who have benefitted from moss walls since 2008 are still reaping the acoustic and visual rewards that moss walls bring.

The longevity that these walls provide ensures that children, employees and customers will benefit from the acoustical and visual comfort that moss walls bring for years to come.


What is the recommended humidity for a moss wall?

The moss needs approximately 40-60% of the indoor humidity (the normal humidity) in order to maintain its haptic and optical properties. During the winter season, dry air may change these characteristics and harden the moss. As soon as the indoor humidity increases, the moss gets softer again.

Cleaning the moss wall

We recommend that the walls are cleaned once a week in order to keep them in top shape. Dust and debris are always in the air-particularly in schools, offices and restaurants-so it’s important to treat the moss wall with the same level of care as other fixtures and fittings.

Should you dust a moss wall?

Dusting the moss wall will preserve its lush, green appearance. We recommend using a feather duster.

When it comes to cleaning frequency, an ‘as-needed’ approach is more than necessary.


We hope you’ve found this article useful when it comes to caring for your moss wall. After reading this, you’ll realise that whilst they’re virtually maintenance-free, it’s wise to treat them with care to ensure maximum longevity.

If you have any more queries regarding the maintenance of our moss walls, or want to explore alternative acoustic panel options for walls, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert today.

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