Integrating Architectural Acoustics with Smart Lighting.

Integrating architectural acoustics with smart lighting

For luxury and high-spec projects, enhanced lighting systems with integrated acoustics can deliver a high-end finish.

Smart lighting is now more popular than ever, as the inclusion of intelligent control can provide tenants and end-users with a significantly improved experience because of the use of the internet to combine the lighting system with voice or remote device control.

In this article, we will explore some of the uses of smart lighting with the implementation of architectural acoustics and provide some inspiration for designers and architects alike.

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Where can you find smart lighting?

Hi-tech houses are popping up all over, with home appliances ranging from fridges, ovens, home cinemas and more becoming ‘smart’.

The example of home cinemas is one situation where smart lighting is often adopted with the added integration of acoustic design. Where is more important for mood lighting and soundproofing in a home?

We have seen many examples of amazing home cinemas which utilise smart lighting to integrate with the TV/streaming service. This allows the lighting to echo and illuminate the pictures on the screen. The colours and mood of the scene are then harmoniously spread throughout the room, enhancing the space for viewers. It can really be a showstopping addition to a high-end home cinema system.

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The acoustic element of these systems further improves the viewing experience by minimising reverberation and replicating that deadening atmosphere and immersion provided in ordinary cinemas and IMAXs.

Smart lighting with integrated acoustics can be taken to other spaces too, however, with contemporary lighting systems being combined with acoustic ceiling baffles, soundproofing, and acoustic wall panels.

Another great place you can integrate smart lighting with acoustic treatment is music studios. Light fixtures can become multifunctional with acoustic panels, but also attractive through the use of backlighting and hidden LED strips.

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Our final suggestion for modern and elegant uses of smart lighting with integrated acoustics is for spaces such as lobbies, foyers and entrance halls. Soft lighting can illuminate environments with high ceilings whilst also diffusing echo and noise transmission in the open area.


Optimising acoustics and lighting in one solution is a perfect opportunity – what else impacts a user’s interaction and experience in a space quite like how light and sound do?

At Sound Zero, our acoustic experts help you optimise the space in your project by looking at it holistically – including furnishing, joinery, and finish. With the use of 3D modelling and acoustic calculations, we can develop the perfect bespoke solution for your environment that delivers smart lighting and smart acoustics!

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