Acoustic panels for noise transmission reduction

class '0' hexagon foam wall

Our previous post explored how acoustic panels can be used to control reverb, or ‘absorb sound’ as it is commonly referred to.

When tackling the reduction of noise transmission, a different approach has to be applied. This post aims to identify the situations when noise transmission reduction would be necessary and the solutions Sound Zero can provide.

When we talk about noise transmission reduction, we’re referring to the method of blocking sound, as opposed to absorbing sound-as highlighted in our previous post.

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When might you need noise transmission reduction?

It’s not uncommon for a staffroom and a board room to be separated by only a stud partition wall, and it’s these instances where ultimate discretion is required. Without it, you’re opening yourself up to a whole range of privacy issues.

Interference from other rooms is the main factor in specifying acoustic panels for noise transmission reduction. Generally, if your problem involves sound coming from the walls and ceilings from adjoining parts of the building, then you’ll need to block this sound from getting in.

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Acoustic panels for noise transmission reduction

There’s no way around it: the laws of physics dictate that to block transmission, you need materials that are mass-loaded, dense and resilient.

During the construction phase of a project, you would incorporate this methodology into the construction assembly of a wall, floor or ceiling.

However, there are many instances where walls have been created on a low-budget construction or as a stud wall partition, which can cause significant noise issues, like the ones highlighted above.

It’s essential to understand that blocking noise requires dense, heavy materials designed to inhibit sounds travelling though materials, as opposed to lighter, open-celled foam for reverb control.

acoustic panels for noise transmission reduction

Characteristics of sound blocking acoustic panels

Sound Zero provides a range of fabric-wrapped, solid-core acoustic panels.

Fixed to walls, they come in tiles, reducing the number of people required to install them. In fact, only one installer is required to fit Sound Zero’s sound-blocking acoustic panels, allowing an efficient installation with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your office, school or public establishment.

The option to remove the acoustic panels with ease means that if you change locations, they can be simply applied elsewhere.

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class '0' hexagon foam wall

Design characteristics of sound blocking acoustic panels

Sound Zero encourages collaboration between all stakeholders within a project, producing a solution that is both acoustically effective and visually stunning.

The versatility of our acoustic panels gives us and you free reign to design a solution that aligns itself with your company’s brand, aims and mission.

To discover the ideal sound solution for your space, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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