Acoustic panels for music venues

Acoustic Panels | Music Venues

Acoustic panels are often referred to when there is a need to treat noise, or ‘unwanted sound’, as it is commonly referred. 

These instances occur most frequently in large, open spaces used for business and leisure purposes, such as bars, restaurants, offices and retail stores.

However, acoustic panels can also be used to improve sound quality.

And this blog sets out to identify those situations when acoustic panels don’t just block sound, but enhance it.

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Environments when acoustic enhancement is needed

Acoustic enhancement is needed mostly in music venues. These environments require a different approach to those applied in an office or restaurant, for example.

The key aim of a music venue is to provide punters with an outstanding listening experience.

So, what strategies to Sound Zero use to treat music venues?

Enhancing Acoustics | Music Venues

Music venue acoustics: the diagnosis

Before deciding upon the best solution for you, Sound Zero’s skilled acousticians would conduct a series of tests in the space to determine where absorption and diffusion would be required.

Of course, this depends on the architectural acoustics of the building.

And we know that every building is different.

One thing that binds all music venues together, however, is the need to ensure total clarity over complete absorption. This means that the loudspeakers are being represented at their optimum in most parts of the venue.

In other words, our acoustic treatment aims to ensure that everyone hears the music clearly-and if possible-at almost equal volumes for all frequencies.

Music venue/bar acoustic requirements

As an architect tasked with the acoustic treatment of a music venue, there are two different needs to consider: unreinforced concerts with acoustical instruments, and music using sound reinforcement system.

The main acoustical requirements are:

  • adequate loudness in every part of the room
  • uniform distribution of sound
  • pressure levels
  • optimum reverberation for music free from acoustical defects (such as echoes)
  • low background noise levels and vibration.

When exploring the acoustical parameters to evaluate the quality of a venue, Sound Zero’s acousticians will closely monitor reverberation time and clarity.

What acoustic panels can Sound Zero provide for your music venue?

Sound Zero will incorporate a range of wall, floor and ceiling acoustic solutions, based on the individual needs of the venue.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are easy to install. They can dampen the sounds coming from outside the music venue and noise breakouts. They can also absorb sound waves, reduce reverberation and enhance acoustics.

acoustic panel used in a recording studio

Mass-Loaded Acoustic Panels

To control the transmission of noise from one room to the next, we recommend a mass-loaded acoustic panel. These are especially useful in occasions where your music venue houses a seating/dining area, where customers will naturally want to converse without having to shout over the music.

Our mass-loaded panels come in tile-form, making them effortlessly easy to install, and can be applied to both walls and ceilings.

Mass Loaded | Acoustic Panels | Music Venues

Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

With a ceiling solution, you’re targeting one of the largest surface areas within a room. However, a music venue is likely to contain a range of lighting and electrical equipment, making access to the ceiling a challenge.

You can overcome this with our suspended ceiling panels which will be hung at different levels, absorbing a range of frequencies.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels | Bars | Pubs | music venues


Ironically, acoustic treatment is almost never taken into consideration when designing a music venue. Quite often, the focus is on preventing the noise from getting out through fear of complaints-particularly in residential areas.

However, with the correct application of acoustic products, you’ll be providing customers with an outstanding listening experience, prompting them to return to your venue time and time again.

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