Acoustic panels for large, open spaces

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Every environment is different and will present varying levels of acoustical challenges for the user. The rise in awareness for architectural acoustics means that more establishments are considering the acoustic comfort of those occupying a certain space.

Blending acoustic comfort with a focus on architectural design is at the heart of Sound Zero’s process for delivering results.

This post aims to differentiate between the different types of environments that will benefit from acoustic panels.

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Acoustic panels for large, open spaces

There has been a rise in open-plan offices-as a way of boosting cross-team collaboration across a multitude of industries. Whilst the vast majority of businesses advocate the ‘open’ environment, many point out that poor acoustics affects productivity and creativity amongst staff members.

Large, open spaces are not just limited to open-plan offices, however. Warehouse conversions play host to a range of activities, such as bars, restaurants and even for domestic purposes.

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Acoustic solutions for large, open spaces

The majority of complaints around acoustics in these environments are down to the need to be heard above the noise. Speech intelligibility hinders not only employees in an office environment but the consumers trying to have a conversation with friends over lunch, too.

When deciding upon the most appropriate acoustic panel for large, open spaces, the ceiling is normally a good place to start.

In environments like this, the ceiling usually has the greatest surface area. By applying acoustic panels to the ceiling, you’re minimising the different sounds being reflected.

Ceiling solutions, such as ceiling baffles and clouds, reduce reverberation and reflected sound within rooms without taking up valuable wall space and obstructing ceiling furniture like lighting and air-conditioning.

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Hung at different levels, the suspended acoustic panels absorb sounds at different frequencies, allowing for greater speech intelligibility and a more acoustically comfortable environment.

Acoustic wall panels for large, open spaces

Once the largest surface areas within an open space are addressed, you can complement (and even enhance) room acoustics with acoustic wall panels.

Sound Zero’s acousticians will identify reflection points in a room and strategically apply acoustic foam panels to the walls.

Acoustic foam panels work by converting existing sound energy to heat and reducing the ability of soundwaves bouncing back into the room.

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Making acoustic wall panels attractive

You’d be forgiven for assuming that acoustic wall panels are the unattractive, rectangular pieces of foam you may have seen in your school libraries or music classrooms. However, this is simply not the case.

Sound Zero’s acoustic wall panels allow the architect to fully experiment with style and design-to match the requirements of the user.

Our acoustic panels can reflect a company’s brand, or simply provide an attractive piece of artwork.

With an infinite amount of possibilities, there really is no reason for your acoustic panels to negatively affect a room’s design.

Creating acoustic wall partitions

Whilst the popularity of large, open spaces is apparent, there are instances where small areas of separation is needed. This may be to disguise printing equipment or to create a quieter seating area that is separate from the ‘buzz’ of the restaurant or workplace.

In this instance, Sound Zero offers a multitude of solutions. Our CorkBee range can create the ideal wall partition, as well as a visually intriguing feature for your open environment.

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Our CorkBee. range will produce a wonderful, natural and sustainable material that offers a perfect vibroisolation, thermal insulation and acoustic isolation.


Large, open spaces are here to stay, and the positives far outweigh the negatives. However, failing to treat the room’s acoustics may hinder workplace productivity, leading to poor performance, or even negatively impacting a customer’s dining experience.

If you have a large, open environment that needs acoustically treating, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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