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Are your internal walls causing disruption in the workplace? Many office environments contain timber framed stud walls. Whilst they fulfil their purpose of separating rooms, these internal walls can cause all sorts of issues with the transmission of noise from one room to the next.

The impact of noise transmission

Sound transfer between rooms is a common problem in both domestic and commercial environments. Weak wall partitions and (in some cases) a lack of attention to detail and cheap materials during construction will result in poor acoustic quality.

The sound transfer occurs as a result of airborne noise such as voices and music. When the airborne sound wave strikes the wall, pressure variations cause the wall to vibrate. This vibrational energy is transferred through the wall and radiated as airborne sound on the other side.

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When sound is transferred from room to room, you end up overhearing conversations that may well be confidential, or it can simply distract someone from carrying out their daily tasks efficiently.

Whatever the issue, weak, timber-framed wall partitions can cause a problem for the user, hindering their performance in many aspects.

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The transition wall effectively reduces noise transmission whilst creating an impressive aesthetic for your brand

Soundproofing stud walls with acoustic panels

Cost restraints can inhibit the client from choosing to remove the existing plasterboard and replacing it with a more solid material.

Instead, you could opt for an acoustic panel that can be applied directly to the wall itself. In doing so, you can reduce airborne sound transferring between rooms.

The material used in Sound Zero’s acoustic panels adds mass to block the airborne sound, while foam isolates the solid parts of the panel from the wall and dampens the vibration energy.

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Acoustic panels to reduce noise transmission

Sound Zero offer a range of acoustic noise transmission barriers that are the ideal solution for noise transmission reduction between walls. Their solid core dramatically reduces sound travelling through the wall cavity, keeping meetings private and working conditions free from distraction.

We offer both large acoustic panels, and smaller acoustic tiles meaning that they can be applied to the wall with ease.

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Why else would you choose to treat the wall externally?

Sound Zero advocates a design-led concept, meaning that their acoustic panels should complement and enhance the design of a building.

Blending acoustics with design, we create solutions that are both acoustically comfortable whilst being aesthetically appealing.

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Our clients benefit from our single source of knowledge approach, meaning that we work with architects and designers at every step of the process, from consultation through to installation.


With Sound Zero, you can dramatically improve an internal wall’s ability to block sound by adding more mass to the wall.

If your project requires a professional, design-led approach, Sound Zero can provide innovative, on-brand acoustic panels to help reduce noise transmission, improving your environment-whatever it may be.

For more information on soundproofing your internal walls, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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