4 Reasons why moss walls are so popular

Why are moss walls so popular?

Moss walls are becoming the preferred choice amongst architects, interior designers and specifiers due to their visual, acoustic and even health implications.

This post aims to explore some of the key reasons as to why moss walls are ‘growing’ in popularity within the design/architectural space.  

Reason #1: biophilic principles

Biophilia refers to our innate preference for nature. Some suggest that this deep-routed need is based on the primitive behaviours of our ancient ancestors.

Whatever the reasons, biophilia is most certainly a term that architects have latched onto, creating designs steeped in natural textures, wood and greenery.

It’s not uncommon to see design concepts that make heavy use of timber panelling and a range of shrubbery.

biophilic design architecture
“Green Living Room” by Charly W. Karl, with terrariums in the coffee table and within the large green wall. Image Source.

Reason #2: health implications

Leading on from our biophilic principals, another benefit of a moss wall is the positive impact that it is said to bring to our health, both from a psychological and physical perspective.

The air contains natural pollutants, and we all know what happens when illness seeps into the walls of our office, or school…

These pollutants can cling to the surface of the moss and are then converted into the plant’s biomass, doing a world of good for your lungs.

From a psychological perspective, moss walls can help to control the acoustics in an open-plan environment, which we will now explore in further detail.

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Reason #3: acoustic properties

Of course, the main reason why Sound Zero advocates the use of moss walls is due to their acoustical benefits.

Moss acts as a natural sound absorber, and when placed strategically to absorb the wall’s reflection points, your space will benefit from the acoustical benefits that moss walls can bring.

These benefits will depend very much on how and where you place them.

It’s therefore essential that, if you have a noise control issue and are considering a moss wall as your solution, you seek the advice of an experienced acoustician.

An acoustician will be able to advise on the best covering based on your needs. You may require a moss wall to absorb sound or control the transmission of sound. Both requirements are very different, hence the need to seek the support of a professional.

Get in touch with an expert to help identify your noise complaint.

Why would a moss wall’s acoustic benefits matter?

Sound Zero has written extensively about the negative effects that poor acoustics can bring to home, work and school environments.

With the rise in open-plan offices, there’s a growing need for architects, designers and specifiers to address a room’s acoustics during the design stage of a project.

The purpose of an open-plan office is to aid collaboration. This concept has proven to be a popular choice amongst many organisations, including the likes of Facebook and Netflix, which has set a precedence for other companies to follow suit.

However, with the increased popularity of an open-plan culture, workers are becoming concerned about the impact that a noisy office is having on their productivity and overall wellbeing.

A moss wall has the ability to transform a noisy office into a place that aids concentration, whilst still allowing workers to enjoy the benefits that an open-plan office can bring.

Moss walls look great with lighting

Reason #4 they look great

Last, but by no means least, moss walls simply look great. People today are turning more towards ‘outdoor’ design concepts as a way of escaping the growing urbanisation of life.

Moss walls can add a splash of healthy colour to your walls, giving you something to smile at as you go about your day.

They can transform-what can often be-a drab work or educational environment into something that is visually appealing, and we shouldn’t overlook the effects that this can have on our overall wellness.

Why are moss walls so popular?


So, here are some of the main reasons why acoustic moss walls are so popular. In truth, there are many reasons why moss walls are a growing trend.

They’re maintenance free and look fantastic, so get in touch and experience for yourself the benefits that a moss wall can bring to your home or work life.

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